Media Coverage

We’ve gathered a few examples of reporting on the project below:

How a Trove of Whaling Logbooks Will Help Scientists Understand Our Changing Climate

Benjamin Cassidy for Smithsonian Magazin, 2024

19th century New England whaling logs offer clues to 21st century climate change

Hannah Chanatry for WBUR in November, 2021

New England researchers use ‘treasure trove’ of historic whaling logbooks to study climate shifts

Kate Armanini for the Boston Globe in April, 2023

Analysing the history of the Indian Ocean with past cruise records and sediment cores

Sahana Ghosh for Mongabay-India in December, 2023

A Whale of a Find: Researchers are combing through centuries-old whaling-ship logbooks to extract data that could improve modern weather forecasting

Kim Kavin for Soundings in January, 2023

Centuries-old whaling logbooks are being used to fuel new climate and weather science

Sarah Wroblewski for CBS News in April 2023

How centuries-old whaling logs are filling gaps in our climate knowledge

Ayurella Horn-Muller for Grist in November 2022

WINDS OF HISTORY: At the Providence Public Library, a huge trove of meticulously recorded whaling logbooks opens a window for climate-change research

Alex Kuffner for the Providence Journal in October, 2021

Maritime Historians and Scientists Collaborate to Better Understand Trends in Climate Science

Eve Zuckoff for WCAI in August, 2021